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The best activities for your bachelor party, family day or a day out with your colleagues!  

Looking for a group activity for friends, family or colleagues around Veghel? At Noordkade Uitjes you’ll find all the ingredients you’ll need for an amazing day! At the historical location CHV Noordkade in Veghel (located between Eindhoven and Den Bosch) we offer different activities; from an exciting Escape Room-experience in a 35-meter-high grain silo, to the newest craze: 'Axe Throwing'! Combine your activity with the 'Virtual Reality' arrangement or our hilarious and crazy 'Bingoshow Bingowski'! 

Noordkade Uitjes will make sure you will have an unforgettable day!


Popular activities

V.a. € 19,50 p.p.

The biggest Escape mission in the world is located in a 35-meter-high missile silo. You will be brought back in time to the Cold War. It is your task to bring the mission in the heavily guarded missile area to a successful end. Also suitable for less

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V.a. € 18,50 p.p.

Escape Room Veghel is a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which has been chosen the best Escape Room of the Netherlands in 2016! Do you dare to enter the dark basement of the old factory?

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Taking care of a day out was never so easy!

Create your program by combining our different activities, or set up your program in consultation with us to make an alternate program when you are with a large group. We are incredibly good at making a program especially for you, everything is possible and almost nothing is too crazy. Would you like to have personal contact with us to talk through the program and to see what the possibilities are? Contact us. We would like to discuss your wishes while enjoying a cup of coffee at our location. 

V.a. € 21,50 p.p.

A thrilling game with endless game-elements and strategies. The teams are trying to solve as many puzzles and riddles and finish as many challenges as possible to earn money. Who will win this exciting game? There is no maximum number of players in t

V.a. € 20,50 p.p.

Party-maker Ulli takes you on a bizarre journey full of humor and assignments that will turn your company-, team- or family party completely upside down. This fun and surprising variation on a bingogame is perfect for groups that like to put each on

V.a. € 19,50 p.p.

During our official Pubquiz, you’ll be divided into teams to crack your brain on various questions. In all kinds of rounds, you will be battling for the trophy. But this quiz is not like any other...

V.a. € 27,50 p.p.

Month of July discount. Explore the beautiful area of Meierijstad with our supboards (stand-up paddle) and our kick bikes. From €54,50 for €40,00 per person.

V.a. € 16,00 p.p.

An afternoon in the Escape Room is for children the most exciting birthday party of Brabant! Choose a thrilling experience with a life-like, 25-meter-high missile and complete the mission in the highly secured base.

V.a. € 9,95 p.p.

An exciting quest inside of your car, where you will be solving a murder mystery together with your party. Do you know how to find all the clues and hints?

Complete your group-activity with our group-arrangements

We love local collaborations because at and around the CHV Noordkade there is plenty of food to find! That’s why we are working together with those amazing businesses.

Are you looking for more entertainment? Choose the beer tasting or maybe the happy hour. We will turn your bachelor party, family day, or trip with your colleagues into a party with our lovely arrangements!  

You can combine your day out with the best drinks and a lovely warm or cold meal in all price ranges.  

Whether you’ll go for the best french fries and snacks at Pieperz, or for a diner at restaurant Wittern, we know that you will relish the Noordkade in Veghel. Below the several opportunities we have to offer are noted. 

Pieperz - Cold War Menu
€ 10,90
Pieperz - CHV Menu
€ 8,40
Menu 'The Haven' at Pilz & Grillz
€ 26,00
Pieperz - French fries with a snack
€ 8,00
Wittern Dinner
€ 0,00
Wittern Tasting Dinner
€ 37,50
Walking Dinner Buffet A
€ 22,50
DIS - 2-course surprise dinner
€ 22,50
DIS - 3-course surprise dinner
€ 27,50
Hertog-Jan 3-course dinner
€ 27,50
Unlimited Spareribs
€ 19,95

Contact us

If you can’t figure out the best program for you or if you would like to contact us, we’ll be there to help you out! Call us or fill in the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Large group? We would like to invite you to Noordkade Uitjes to talk through the program while drinking a cup of coffee. Our expertise is organizing trips that fit you best. Whether it is a morning meeting with lunch or a completely provided evening-program with diner, anything can be arranged.  

Email: info@noordkade-uitjes.nl 

Call: +31 413 78 22 50 .

Voicemail? Leave your name and number clearly please, we will get back to you as soon as possible.