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Best escaperoom of Noord-Brabant

Will you be able to solve the mystery in the best escaperoom of Noord-Brabant? 

A missile from the Cold War is ready for launch. Will you be able to launch the missile? Or do you think playing the hero is too nice for you? Try the dark side, and become the one sabotaging the missile. But beware! You are being chased...


Solve the mystery in time in the best escaperoom of Noord-Brabant!

Sabotage the bad guys and make sure the nuclear missile is launched. Play the Launch - Escape Mission with a maximum of 10 people and become the hero! Or would you rather be the bad guy? Figure out a way to sabotage the missile yourselves with the Sabotage - Break In Mission. With a maximum of 10 people, you will figure out a way to sabotage the missile. But make sure you finish this in time, you cannot go back! 

Having trouble choosing? Play the good against the bad within the group. Play Sabotage the Launch - Challenge Your Opponent with a maximum of 20 people and let the best team win. Will the missile be launched?

Or choose the completely Dutch escaperoom Veghel, a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which is elected as the best escaperoom of the Netherlands in 2016! In this experience, you will go back in time to 1937, enter one of the old factory basements and figure out what happened as real detectives in 60 minutes. 

V.a. € 21,50 p.p.

  • The Launch and the Sabotage.
  • Unique experience, play a battle!
  • English with Dutch translations.
  • An hour of thrills and spills.
  • For groups up to 20 people.

  • Free
  • Few places available
  • Can be booked by telephone
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V.a. € 19,50 p.p.

  • Solve the mystery in one hour!
  • In the style of the Noordkade.
  • Dutch escaperoom.
  • The best escaperoom of 2016.
  • For groups up to 8 people.

  • Free
  • Few places available
  • Can be booked by telephone
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