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Large group page

Thank you for reading this page. We are specialized in organizing complete trips for large groups. We make sure this is done perfectly, from free parking until the last drink during the party. Nothing is too crazy, and everything is possible!

We know how hard it can be to make sure all your coworkers, friends, or family will have a great time in 1 program. That is why we like to discuss everything with you. With our assortment of more than 20 activities, we are certain to entertain everybody.

Contact us directly, call us via: +31 413 78 22 50

Go for one activity or combine multiple

V.a. € 21,50 p.p.

A thrilling game with endless game-elements and strategies. The teams are trying to solve as many puzzles and riddles and finish as many challenges as possible to earn money. Who will win this exciting game? There is no maximum number of pla

V.a. € 20,50 p.p.
  • Bad humor and funny jokes
  • Hilarious assignments and games
  • Nice with some alcoholic drinks!
  • Will you win our funny prizes?
  • For groups from 15 people.