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Frequently asked questions

Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Other questions? Please contact us! Call us: +31 413 - 78 22 50. Or send us an e-mail: info@noordkade-uitjes.nl

Can I park near your location?

At the Noordkade there are 3 large parking lots, parking is for free in all of them. All 3 are within walking distance of Noordkade Uitjes. 
Parkinglot P1 is closest by Noordkade Uitjes.

Noordkade Uitjes has a bar where you are more than welcome. Restaurant Wittern takes care of all of the catering there. Above that, there are multiple restaurants, lunchrooms, and coffee places at the Noordkade. We would like to give you advice.

That is possible for sure. We offer different possibilities for a completely taken care of program. Consider drinks, snacks, or a completely provided walking dinner. We can help you in organizing your party. If you are interested, call us via +31 413 78 22 50.

Yes it is! We can plan out an entire day for you. This means you can choose for multiple activities after each other, or combine activities with a dinner, lunch or drink. Are you with a large group? Come on by at Noordkade Uitjes for a cup of coffee, so we can talk through the possibilities with you.

iDeal, debit card payment, cash, or an invoice. 

You can pay directly online via iDeal. If you choose to pay in cash or debit you pay at the location, the drinks you might have taken will be noted on the receipt as well. Invoice is possible for companies, we sent one invoice with all the costs after the activity. If you combine the program with food in a restaurant we place those costs on the invoice as well.

Beware: creditcard payments are not possible!

You can cancel your activity until 96 hours (4 days) before the activity for free, for groups of up to 20 people. After this date, we will charge 100% of the total cost. 

Cancelling can only be done by e-mail: info@noordkade-uitjes.nl. You always receive a cancel confirmation.

Groups of 20 people and more can cancel without cost up to 30 days before the activity. If you cancel within the 30 days of your reservation we will charge you 50%. If you cancel within 96 hours before the activity we will charge 100%.

All costs of third parties will be charged fully.

We ALWAYS send a confirmation e-mail, if you did not get one, contact us to see if everything went well. 
Because our reservation system is automated with our agenda, there are unfortunately some e-mail programs that will note our e-mail as spam or junk. Make sure you check if the confirmation e-mail is not listed in the unwanted e-mail.

With every reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail, in this e-mail is noted at what time you have to be present. Make sure you are on time, because the activity will start on the noted time.

We handle the same times for all of our activities, is that does not work for you we want to think it through with you. Feel free to call us for the options: +31 413 78 22 50.

Absolutely! Two of our escaperooms are perfect for children and the birthday parties are really popular! Both of the escaperooms can be played by children of 7 years and older, and all of the packages include a bag of chips, lemonade and a certificate.

At Sim Racing Veghel we also offer birthday parties, children need to be at least 1 meters 40 tall. 

Check our birthday parties here and see which packages we have made. You have to be present 30 minutes before the birthday party starts and the activity will take about an hour. In the escaperoom the children will be accompanied by one of the employees of Noordkade Uitjes, parents can enjoy a drink or stroll around the Noordkade. Parents cannot watch the children play in the escaperoom.

At Sim Racing Veghel parents are able to watch the children for the entire hour.

At Noordkade Uitjes we use time slots of 1.5 hours for Axe Throwing or the escaperooms. For Sim Racing Veghel or virtual reality we have timeslots of 1 hour. Your activity does not always have to last that long, but it always ends at the end of the time slot.

For example: You have booked an escape room at 2 p.m. After you have had an explanation from our colleague, you will see a video and you will try to free yourself. Because you are good puzzlers, you make it in time. At 3.05 p.m you are outside again.

In the unlikely event that you do not make it to the escape room, or if there is a reason that you start later, you will always be outside again at 3.30 pm!

We can make a program for groups of up to 500 participants, including a dinner, snacks, and drinks.

Only the activities Axe Throwing, Nothing is what it seems, Key to the city , Ulli's wunderschöne bingo show and the pub quiz are wheelchair accessible. The other activities can only be reached by stairs. If you have mobility problems and are in doubt? Then please contact us!