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Escape Room Veghel

Escape Room Veghel is a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which won the prize of best Escape Room of the Netherlands in 2016!

We will test if you can solve the mystery with your team, use all of your creativity and your ability to think out-of-the-box. Go back to 1937, enter one of the basements of the old factory, and solve the mystery within 60 minutes! Maximum of 8 people.

This escape room is completely in Dutch.

Will you solve the mystery?
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Veghel 1937 – At the head office at CHV Noordkade all kinds of telegrams and messages are coming in from farmers nearby. They are in total panic!

The animals are showing deviant behavior: pigs are foaming at the mouth and newborn calves are looking more like monsters than cows. And that’s not all. One of the farmers got infected and he killed two of his employees. What is going on?!

Will you solve this mystery, or will the residents of Veghel have to keep wondering what happened?

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31 maart 2023

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