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Virtual Reality Experience

Come and meet today's technology and imagine yourself in a digital world with endless possibilities. With our Oculus Quest glasses, there are multiple possibilities and games to enjoy. You might consider testing your fear of heights, go for exciting shooters, or maybe funny multiplayer games. This activity can be booked for less experienced players, but also experienced gamers will have a great time! 

Experience the best of two worlds!
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Walk on a plank, and off of a skyscraper.

In small groups, you'll get to know the virtual world with the Oculus Quest glasses. Impress your friends or coworkers with your skills! Walk on a plank out of a building, but then on the 70th floor; dismantle a bomb together or play together with a friend or colleague and try to beat all the zombies! Make your own choice: do you play individually and take turns or would you rather get to it in a group? One is wearing the glasses while the rest of the group is enjoying themselves and is watching on a television screen.  
During the hour you'll be exploring the virtual world. It is possible to have something to drink. We have a diverse range of different drinks: different sodas; wines and multiple specialty beers.  
Important information: 
- Appropriate for groups of up to 12 people. 
- Bigger groups only on request. 
- Experience of 60 minutes. 

Combine your activity

Would you like to challenge yourself in the real world as well? Combine your virtual experience with one of our challenging escape rooms or Axe Throwing! If you want a program made just for you, don't hesitate to contact one of our colleagues. They would like to help you to make it an unforgettable day! 

Not available for people.
Escape Room Veghel
Escape Room Veghel is a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which has been chosen the best Escape Room of the Netherlands in 2016! Do you dare to enter the dark basement of the old factory?
Not available for people.
Axe Throwing Veghel
4 beautiful tracks, completely worked out in a wooden style. 24 people at most will be able to throw axes for more than 60 minutes. An amazing day out for him and her. The Axepert will make sure everything will happen securely! From 16 years.
Not available for people.
A warm welcome
The second you enter Noordkade Uitjes with your friends, bachelor party, or family party, we will be giving you a warm welcome. The delicious pastries and the fresh cup of coffee or tea are ready for you.
Not available for people.
La Casa de Dinero
Are you a fan of La Casa de Papel? This is the activity you should go for at Noordkade Uitjes! A brand-new activity: a mini Escape Game based on the like-named Netflix hit series!
Not available for people.
The Launch
The American mission. Inspired by procedures for launching real missiles of the US Army. Appreciated with a 9,1 score for atmosphere on Escapetalk! Maximum of 10 players.
Not available for people.
Happy Hour
Perfect to combine with your day out: Happy Hour. One hour of enjoying draught beer, 0% beer, a great variety of soda, and our house wines. Very cozy after an activity to drink and talk together.
Add food and drinks to your program

Reward your team with a food or drink arrangement before or after your program. Ofcourse completely in the unique and historical atmosphere of the Noordkade. Cold drinks, warm meals; everything is possible. The only thing you need is a healthy appetite. We'll take care of the rest. Choose your arrangement and we'll make sure you will have an unforgettable day! 

Pieperz - French fries with a snack
€ 7,25
DIS - 2-course surprise dinner
€ 20,00
Menu 'The Haven' at Pilz & Grillz
€ 26,00
Pieperz - Cold War Menu
€ 11,00
DIS - 3-course surprise dinner
€ 25,00
Hertog-Jan 3-course dinner
€ 26,50
Pieperz - CHV Menu
€ 8,00
Wittern Dinner
€ 0,00
Wittern Lunch
€ 0,00
Plank lunch
€ 14,95
Plank diner
€ 22,50
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