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Birthday party escaperoom: Mystery of the Noordkade

An exciting birthday party at the Noordkade can be found at Noordkade Uitjes! Enter the basements of the old factory and start your mission. Will you be able to save Veghel together with your friends? And will you close this investigation successfully? 

The escaperoom can be played by children from 7 years old!

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For an unforgettable birthday party, you can choose between three packages! With each package there are different extras, so make sure to check which fits you best. This mystery is entirely in Dutch. One of the employees of Noordkade Uitjes will enter the escaperoom with the children as supervision. 

The times next to the agenda indicate what time you should be present. We would like to welcome the birthday boy or girl at Noordkade Uitjes where you can enjoy cold orange juice with a bag of chips, and of course there will be plenty of time to sing ‘Happy birthday’ to the birthday boy/girl! Our team will make it a cheerful party. 

Noordkade Uitjes will take care of professional guidance during the escaperoom. Parents can enjoy a cup of coffee while the children are busy escaping!

Not available for people.
Agent package
Agent package
  • Including chips and lemonade.
  • Personalised certificates.
  • Group picture.
Not available for people.
Detective package
most chosen
Detective package
  • Extra on the Agent package:
  • French fries and snacks at Pieperz.
  • Sodas not included.
Not available for people.
Chief package
Chief package
  • Extra on the Detective package:
  • Invitations and dogtags for all of the children.
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July 20, 2024

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    Are the parents allowed to enter the escaperoom with the children?

    The parents do not have to enter the escaperoom for guiding the children.

    One of our experienced colleagues will join the children in the escaperoom and makes sure, full of enthousiasm, that the children will escape the room within the hour.

    At Sim Racing Veghel the parents can watch the children race, while they enjoy a drink at the bar.

    Of course!

    When making the reservation you can add a remark that you want the children to enjoy the french fries before the activity instead of afterwards.

    We will change the reservation for you. In the rare case that it is not possible, we will get in touch with you.

    Note: the confirmation e-mail will state that the french fries will be after the activity, despite your remark.

    With a birthday party we kindly ask you to be present at least 30 minutes before the start of the activity.

    In this half hour we will sing 'Happy Birthday' once more, the children can hand over the birthday gifts and all of the children will receive a bag of chips and lemonade or water.

    No, the children play exactly the same escaperoom as the one for adults.

    With a birthday party an experienced colleague will join the children in the escaperoom. He or she will enthousiastically help the children with the puzzles and help them escape.

    At the Mystery of the Noordkade we have a minimum age of 7 years old. At escaperoom The Space that minimum age is 10 years old.

    Keep in mind, we always advise you to choose the escaperoom with the best fitting theme for the children. If half of the birthday party is 9 years old and the other half is 10 years old, we can all understand that launching a 25 meter high missile is the best challenge.

    When you are on the page for the desired birthday party you can directly check if the escaperoom is still available.

    You do need to fill in how many children will join the birthday party and which package you want.

    At step 3 you can choose the desired date and you will see at what time the activity is available.

    One child more or one less will not be a problem. We can change the reservation without extra fee. If you are aware you will be coming with more or less children we would appreciate it if you would let us know.

    At Sim Racing Veghel we do need to know the definite amount of children racing, otherwise we have to charge a cancellation fee.

    We do however have a minimum amount of 5 children. When the birthday party consists of 4 children or less we are obliged to charge for 5 children.

    The activity on itself lasts one hour.

    In the thirty minutes before the activity the children can enjoy a bag of chips and lemonade or water.

    After the activity there is time to take a group picture.

    During the entire birthday party there is unlimited lemonade and water for the children. When a child prefers a soda this is possible. These drinks will be added to the bill.

    No, it is not allowed to bring your own cake to our location. 

    Unfortunately we cannot arrange anything for you with cake. 

    Of course!

    You can ask our colleague at the day of the birthday party, we will make sure all of the parents will get french fries as well.

    French fries for the parents are € 4,00 euro per person.

    With the escaperooms it is not possible to watch the children playing the puzzles.

    At Sim Racing Veghel we made a bar where the parents can sit and watch the children race for the entire hour.