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Corporate training at Noordkade Uitjes

Discover a new way of cooperation

Will the manager still be the leader, or will the intern turn into an inspiring captain? Stress resistance, communication, creativity, responsibility, allocation of tasks, and ingenuity are just a few of the many aspects you’ll find in our escaperoom. But also at the workplace, these characteristics are the key to success. During our missions, the players will be followed by a behavioral coach and she will pinpoint what the strengths and weaknesses of the team are.

Unlock Your Skills

What the escaperoom will teach you about your unique qualities and your role in the ideal team. 

Whatever your experience, in one hour of playing an escaperoom you can learn a lot. About your qualities, your unknown talents, and about how to cooperate. More than enough information to exchange with your coworkers and to discover how to use each other's qualities at work. 
Above being a fun team trip, this can be the start of growth and new developments at the same time. 

Below you will find more information about the booklet Unlock Your Skills.

An amazing way to discover each other's talents!

What an amazing opportunity! You put together a group of people in an unknown situation, lock the door and give them a limited amount of time to get out. 

Because all of the players will be in a new situation for the first time, they will go back to their most honest selves. The division of roles at work is fastly forgotten, in which a new form of working together will appear. A good strategy and division of roles are the only way to bring the mission to a successful end. Will you work together and do all of you have the same goal?

Meet our coaches

A program especially for you

Would you like to get some more information about the corporate training, what the day would look like and the possibilities to combine the training with a lunch or dinner? Noordkade Uitjes can offer you a full day or evening program. 

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