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The Space: an exciting Escape Room birthday party

A birthday party you won’t forget! Together with the rest of your team, you’ll try to launch a 25-meter-high missile in the heavily guarded missile base. But that’s only possible by working together as a team and listening carefully to the orders of the general and the soldier. 
Will you be able to launch the missile in 60 minutes? 

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For a birthday party, you can choose between three packages! Together with the rest of your team, you are going to try and launch a 25-meter-high missile at a heavily secured missile base. That will only be possible by working together as a team and following the orders given by the general. Within each package, there are different extra’s, so take a close look at which package fits you best. This mission is completely in English, but there will be Dutch subtitles and translations in the mission. From Noordkade Uitjes there will always be an experienced supervisor with the children. 
With the general- and colonel package you’ll be expected to be present half an hour before the start of the Escape Room. At Noordkade Uitjes you can enjoy cold drinks with a bag of chips, and with every package, there will be plenty of time to sing ‘Happy birthday’ to the birthday boy/girl! Our team will make it a cheerful party. 

Not available for 5 people.
Soldier package
V.a. € 17,00 p.p.
Soldier package
Within this mission the following extras are included: * Extra tips * Certificates after the mission * Digital team photo *
Not available for 5 people.
Colonel package - most chosen
V.a. € 25,50 p.p.
Colonel package - most chosen
Extra on the soldier package: * A bag of chips * unlimited cold drinks * French fries and snacks at Pieperz*
Not available for 5 people.
General package
V.a. € 28,50 p.p.
General package
Extra on the soldier and colonel package: * Invitations for all the children * Dogtags for all the children *
Add this to your birthday party!
Not available for 5 people.
V.a. € 15,00 p.p.
Not available for 5 people.
V.a. € 30,00 p.p.
Pizza Party
Bake your own pizza with all of your friends, guided by a real pizza chef. And the most important part: eating your pizza!
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    • Aantal personen: 5
    • Datum: 27-07-2021

    • Activiteit(en):
    • - Soldier package - € 85,00
    • Totaal: €85,00
    • (€17,00 per persoon)

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