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Escape Room for large groups

An Escape Room for a large group or multiple groups is a solution to give many people a thrilling experience at the same time. The excitement you are looking for can be found in our Escape Room The Space in Veghel. Save the world and make sure the missile of the Cold War will not be launched. Are you feeling more like the bad guys today? It is possible! Whatever your purpose is, make sure you go for it! When you get caught, we don't know what will happen...

Save the world in our Escape Room for a large group, or multiple groups

When you are looking for a special Escape Room with a large group or multiple groups, come to escape room The Space in Veghel. You will write history in our heavily guarded missile base. Together with a maximum of 10 people, make sure the world is saved from a nuclear attack. Make sure the missile launch will go just as planned with The Launch -  Escape Mission. Don't feel like being nice? Try with a maximum of 10 people to destroy the world yourselves with The Sabotage - Break-In Mission. But make sure you don't get caught if you ever want to see your loved ones again...

All kinds of possibilities with a large group at our Escape Room

Make one wrong decision and launch your own downfall. Are you with a really large group and do you want to let the good battle the bad? Play Sabotage The Launch - Challenge Your Opponent with a maximum of 20 people. Will the world be saved or has the final hour begun?

V.a. € 19,50 p.p.

  • The launch and the sabotage
  • Unique experience, play a battle!
  • An hour of excitement and sensation
  • In English with Dutch translations
  • For groups of max. 20 people

  • Vrij
  • Enkele plaatsen vrij
  • Telefonisch te boeken
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V.a. € 18,50 p.p.

  • Solve the mystery in one hour!
  • In the industrial style of the Noordkade
  • Dutch escape room
  • The best escape room of 2016
  • For groups of max. 8 people

  • Vrij
  • Enkele plaatsen vrij
  • Telefonisch te boeken
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Groups larger than 20 people

At Noordkade Uitjes we have a wide range of activities. With 3 Escape Rooms, Axe Throwing, and a lot more we are capable of having groups of more than 50 people and offer you a perfect program. We are especially good at making programs which fit you best, everything is possible and almost nothing is too crazy. Do you like to have some personal contact with us to talk through the program and to see what the possibilities are? Contact us today via +31 413 78 22 50.