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Workshop Barista at Home

Curious about all things coffee?

Then this workshop, Barista at Home, at Noord Coffee Roasters on the Noordkade in Veghel is what you are looking for!

With passion we will introduce you to the world of coffee and take you through the history, production, roasting process, different brewing methods and flavors. At the end you will master the basic techniques for preparing the perfect espresso and you can get started with latte art. Do you want to participate? This workshop can be booked on Tuesday evening at 19.00u. If you would like to participate on another day, please contact us. 

You will learn theory about:

• The history and origin of coffee

• Production and plant

• The burning process

• Preparing espresso

• Flavor and Balance

You will learn in practice:

• Preparing the perfect espresso

• Frothing milk

• The basics of latte art

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31 maart 2023

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