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Beer Tasting on the water, at the Noordkade

Brabants hostility on an old boat. Together with Captain Martijn you will go out on the water, and enjoy the lovely stories and anecdotes. When you combine that with a snack and a drink, you’ll have the best time! 
Together with enthusiastic Captain Martijn, you will get on the boat which is located at the CHV Noordkade and you will make a trip of about 60-75 minutes. During this trip Martijn will tell you amazing stories and facts about the CHV Noordkade and region, to make sure you are listening with the biggest interest the entire time. 
At the end of the trip, the captain will dock at the starting point. It is not possible to get out during the boat trip. 
The ‘Waterproef’ is located at the Noordkade in Veghel. Across the Noordkade you will see the massive anchor at the water. The ‘Waterproef’ can be reached via a pontoon. See you soon! 

November and December - Winterwonderland trips!
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A unique experience. The Beer Tasting on the water-boat is available from Friday morning until Sunday evening for groups of 8 to 12 people. Because of this, it is possible to keep the 1,5-meter distance from each other, imposed by the RIVM. This way you can still have an amazing trip with your friends, family or colleagues. 
During the trip, we will provide a lovely Beer Tasting. Every guest will be able to taste 4 different kinds of La Trappe beers. This Beer Tasting will be provided by our beer expert. The price including this Tasting is 19,50 euros per person. 
Of course, is a Beer Tasting with exclusive beers also possible. You can note this in the comment-section during the making of the reservation. The extra costs of this are 5,00 euros per person. 
There are 4 trips in one day, namely 13.00 | 15.00 | 17.00 | 19.00 hour. 
To make your reservation, choose one of the following hours: 
12.30 if you want the trip of 13.00. 
15.30 if you want the trip of 15.00. 
17.00 if you want the trip of 17.00. 
18.30 if you want the trip of 19.00. 
Our apologies, we are trying to solve this problem as soon as possible to make sure the hours are noted correctly in the agenda. 

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