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Paddleboarding in Veghel

Discover Veghel while paddleboarding! During this refreshing and challenging activity with a paddle and board, you will conquer the waters of the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the haven of Veghel. Paddleboarding is a popular watersport and it is really easy to learn, but we cannot guarantee you will keep your clothes dry...

Paddleboarding is Stand Up Paddling!

For adventurers and beginners, discover this wildly popular sport!

First time onboard? Don't you worry, paddleboarding is known for being easy but at the same time a multidimensional activity! This activity is not just for the adventurers, everybody can do it! You get to choose how intense this session will be. Will you challenge your friends or float around calmly in the waters of Veghel?
Paddleboarding, or stand-up paddleboarding, is a sport that is growing even more internationally. While paddleboarding you are standing up on a long surfboard and you move by paddling. 
Discover the Zuid-Willemsvaart and the beautiful haven of Veghel on your paddleboard. You will get on the board at the Noordkade where you will be guided and receive the basic instructions. After that you can move and... hope you will not end up in the water!

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Introduction discount (until June 2021)

The entire day (8 hours of paddleboarding): Monday through Friday: €30,00 p.p.

Use the vouchercode: WHATSUP

*This voucher code can only be used in May and June, Monday through Friday. 

*This voucher code can only be combined with an entire day of paddleboarding. 

Regular prizes: 

Part of the day (4 hours of paddleboarding): Monday through Friday: €25,00 p.p. | Saturday and Sunday: €27,50 p.p.

The entire day (8 hours of paddleboarding): Monday through Friday: €42,50 p.p. | Saturday and Sunday: €45,00 p.p.

Extra information:

- Including a lifejacket per participant.

- Large group? If you want to book more than 12 paddleboards or do you want to start from anywhere else? Everything can be arranged in consultation, contact us through an email or phone call! 

- Bad weather guarantee: rebooking your trip is for free.

- You can also book waterproof bags and phone cases with the activity. 

- This activity is offered by a partner of Noordkade Uitjes, their general conditions for this activity can be found through www.waterproeverijnoordkade.nl

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31 maart 2023

    Booking for today or tomorrow? Call us: 0413 - 782 255.

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