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La Casa de Dinero - VR Mini Escape Game

Are you looking for a fun activity during a 3-course dinner? Then this is the perfect combination. La Casa de Dinero is based on the intriguing story of the popular Netflix series La Casa de Papel. Our very own El Professor will guide you to make sure the robbery will go flawless.  
Also available without dinner. 

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You will play this game with a team of maximum 5 people and 1 Virtual Reality glasses (Oculus GO) which will go around the group during the robbery. Above that, every team has multiple items on the table which you will need to solve all the riddles together. Will you be able to rob the bank within 1 hour? We wish you luck!

During this hour you have the VR-glasses Oculus GO all to yourselves. Combine this amazing game with a 3-course dinner by restaurant Wittern or restaurant DIS.

Important information:

Groups up to 25 people (are you with a larger group? Inquire about the possibilities)

A 60-minute experience

In combination with a Wittern 3-course dinner, from €54,50 euros!

Not available for people.
Escape Room Veghel
Escape Room Veghel is a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which has been chosen the best Escape Room of the Netherlands in 2016! Do you dare to enter the dark basement of the old factory?
Not available for people.
Axe Throwing Veghel
4 beautiful tracks, completely worked out in a wooden style. 24 people at most will be able to throw axes for more than 60 minutes. An amazing day out for him and her. The Axepert will make sure everything will happen securely! From 16 years.
Not available for people.
A warm welcome
The second you enter Noordkade Uitjes with your friends, bachelor party, or family party, we will be giving you a warm welcome. The delicious pastries and the fresh cup of coffee or tea are ready for you.
Not available for people.
Are you looking for a day out or for a closer to your day out? Our Beer Tasting is what you are looking for! Learn everything about our beers and taste all kinds of beers! Also bookable in an educational and tasty quizvariant.
Not available for people.
Sabotage the Launch
The ultimate experience at The Space and appreciated with a 9,5 score for atmosphere on Escapetalk! Especially for teams and groups ranging from 8 to 20 players! Unique in the Netherlands.
Not available for people.
Happy Hour
Perfect to combine with your day out: Happy Hour. One hour of enjoying draught beer, 0% beer, a great variety of soda, and our house wines. Very cozy after an activity to drink and talk together.
You can combine this activity with a Wittern 3-course dinner, or with a DIS 3-course dinner

Do you want the complete experience? Add a 3-course dinner at Wittern to this activity. Restaurant Wittern is, in all aspects, a family restaurant which will make your activity much better! At Wittern, different times come together. The industrial, accessible ambiance is mixed with the trendy and modern ingredients at the location of the old factory.

Or will you go for the 2-course dinner at restaurant DIS? Team DIS is full of energy and has an amazing passion for food. They would love to surprise you with their lovely dishes while enjoying a nice ambiance.

Pieperz - French fries with a snack
€ 7,25
DIS - 2-course surprise dinner
€ 20,00
Menu 'The Haven' at Pilz & Grillz
€ 24,00
Pieperz - Cold War Menu
€ 11,00
Walking Dinner Buffet A
€ 20,00
DIS - 3-course surprise dinner
€ 25,00
Hertog-Jan 3-course dinner
€ 26,50
Walking Dinner Buffet B
€ 25,00
Pieperz - CHV Menu
€ 8,00
Wittern Dinner
€ 0,00
Wittern Tasting Dinner
€ 35,50
Wittern Lunch
€ 0,00
Wittern 3-course dinner
€ 29,50
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    Game tips for La Casa de Papel Escape Room

    If you cannot figure a puzzle out, below you can find out what you need to do, and eventually, you will see the solution to the puzzle. 

    Level 1; Classroom; Tip 1

    Open all the blinds. Behind every window there is a symbol and a specific color. Use the right appendix to put together a code.

    The code you put together can be used to open the middle locker in the back of the classroom. 

    The code for the vault in the middle locker at the back of the classroom is 1337.

    You can find different notes, of which you need to write down the numbers!

    In the left locker you can find numbers. On the right side of the table you can find numbers. The phone number of the professor with one missing number can be found in the middle locker. 

    The numbers you need to write down are:

    2, 6, 12, 16

    Remember the color yellow at all times!

    "Remember the color yellow when you fuck up."

    Place the people in the right place, by using the passports. 

    If you placed the people in the right places the number 3 appears. 

    You can call the professor now by filling in number 3 at the empty spot. 

    Call the professor: 0651134625. 

    He will give you a code to leave the classroom. 

    The code to leave the classroom is 9177.

    Shoot all the people who are not dressed correctly, by using the right appendix.

    The people you have to shoot: Yellow suit, blue gun, blue shoes, wrong mask (behind you) and mustache placed upside down (to your left).

    The phones are ringing in a certain order. Use the handwritten appendix of the professor. 

    The name from the puzzle is Marco.

    Use the appendix, put the wheels in the right position.

    Solution vault: Large wheel (4 o'clock), Middle wheel (3 o'clock), Small wheel (2 o'clock).

    Undo the screws, use the appendix and the numbers you wrote down in the classroom. 

    Undo the screws, at the top left in the middle (2), top right (6), bottom right (12 and 16).

    Place the TNT as noted on the placemat. 

    You were supposed to remember the color yellow in the Classroom!

    If the alarm goes off, cut the yellow wire. 

    Dig in the right place, as noted in the appendix. 

    Your starting point is Republica Argentina, your ending point is Parque Europa. 

    Look at the colors you need to get from point A (Republica Argentinia) to point B (Parque Europa).

    Correct route:

    Grey (left); purple (middle); red (right); red (middle); white (middle); blue (left); blue (right); green (left).

    End code: 3682