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Events agenda

We welcome you on the eventspage of Noordkade Uitjes. We would like to show you all of the other activities you can experience at the Noordkade. Take a look at our agenda and book your tickets for one of the events of different enterprises.

Keep an eye on the agenda for the newest events!

V.a. € 27,50 p.p.

Would you like to learn more about specialty beer while tasting it? Hellobier is organizing a beer tasting in the Proeffabriek on the 5th of June. To get to know more, click on Book Now.

V.a. € 29,95 p.p.

Enjoy the surroundings of Veghel and a beer tasting on the boat. On June 30th and July 28th, sailing master Martijn will take you on his Water Tasting Boat, with drinks from Hellobier.