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Covid-19 policy of Noordkade Uitjes

We are open, but we do act according to the rules set by the RIVM. 

According to these rules, Noordkade Uitjes made all the activities listed below COVID-19 proof. 

A few important rules we will keep in mind are:

- 1,5 meter distance

- You cannot drink or eat anything at our location

- There will be disinfecting spray for every visitor. 

For all the measurements the employees of Noordkade Uitjes are keeping in mind, scroll down. You can also find information about canceling an activity. If you have any questions, sent us an e-mail: info@noordkade-uitjes.nl or call us via +31 413 78 22 50.

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V.a. € 19,50 p.p.

The biggest Escape mission in the world is located in a 35-meter-high missile silo. You will be brought back in time to the Cold War. It is your task to bring the mission in the heavily guarded missile area to a successful end. Also suitable for less

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V.a. € 17,00 p.p.

Escape Room Veghel is a thrilling real-life experience at the Noordkade, which has been chosen the best Escape Room of the Netherlands in 2016! Do you dare to enter the dark basement of the old factory?

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V.a. € 16,00 p.p.

An afternoon in the Escape Room is for children the most exciting birthday party of Brabant! Choose a thrilling experience with a life-like, 25-meter-high missile and complete the mission in the highly secured base.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand there are loads of questions. Below the frequently asked questions are noted. Is your question not noted there? Feel free to contact us, we would like to help you.

How can I get to your location the easiest?

Noordkade Uitjes can best be reached via parkinglot 1 (P1)

Parking is for free there. We are located in the same building as restaurant Wittern and the cinema Industry. Our entrance is located directly under our banner. 

Yes it is, and it is convenient for the price! If you combine your activities, we might be able to do something with the price. 

We ALWAYS send a confirmation e-mail, if you did not get one, contact us to see if everything went well. We will check if the reservation is on our agenda, and send you another confirmation e-mail.
Because our reservation system is automated with our agenda, there are unfortunately some e-mail programs that will note our e-mail as spam or junk. Make sure you check if the confirmation e-mail is not listed in the unwanted e-mail.

Definitely! That is one of the activities we are known for, our Escape Rooms are perfect for birthday parties. Check our page for birthday parties here and see what packages we made.

With every reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail, in this e-mail is noted at what time you have to be present. If you want to make sure you are on time, come and have a drink in our bar.

Yes it is, to guarantee everyone can keep their 1,5 meters distance we closed two of the four tracks we have. You now can book 1 track with a maximum of 6 people. The silo this activity will take place in is big enough, so everyone can keep their distance.
Above that, everyone will get their own axe to throw with, and of course, we clean those axes before the next group enters the silo.

Yes! The benefit of The Space Escape Room is that they are the biggest escape missions in the world. The 35-meter high silo has a diameter of 11 meters, because of this the spaces are wide enough to keep the 1,5-meter distance. After you played the missions, the employees of Noordkade Uitjes will disinfect the rooms.
This activity is only possible if you made a reservation, without one you won't be able to take place in this activity.

For sure!

In the mysterious basement of the factory we made a walking-route, to be able to walk around without ever having to cross each other. 

This activity is only possible if you made a reservation, without one you won't be able to take place in this activity.

Definitely! Noordkade Uitjes has a beautiful and spacious reception area. Because of this space, we have wide walking-routes and we were able to make different seated areas to keep the 1,5-meter distance. 

IDeal or debit card payment.
You can pay directly online via IDeal. If you choose to pay in cash or debit you pay at the location, the drinks you might have taken will be noted on the receipt as well. Because of COVID-19, we will not accept cash payments. Only debit card payments will be accepted. 
Beware: Credit Card payments are not possible!

Canceling is not a problem with us, like always. Until 48 hours before the activity, you can cancel for free. If anyone gets sick within these 48 hours, he/she can still cancel for free and the rest of the group can still come by.