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Beer Cycle Route through Brabant

Are you a specialty beer lover and would you like to cycle through the beautiful Brabants landscape? Then our Beer Cycle Routes are something for you! 
Beer Cycle Route through Brabant 
Our Beer Cycle Routes will take you through all the beautiful landscapes Noord-Brabant has to offer, in combination with the best beers of our region. 
We will make sure that your visits to the breweries (consumption included) will be booked for you on time and we could, in agreement with you, ensure that you will be able to visit some of the attractions that can be found nearby. 

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The routes are put together with great care, to make sure you can see all the beauty in the area. Divided over the routes, you will be able to visit 3 breweries, with each their very own beers and beautiful history. 
You can choose between these routes: 

  • Meierijstad (Veghel, Schijndel, Sint-Oedenrode) 
  • Maashorst (Oijen, Ravenstein, Oss) 
  • De Peel (Bakel, Gemert, AarleRixtel) 

Everything can be arranged to fit your expectations; you might think about a lunch or dinner at a restaurant on the route. We can advise you on this, but of course, you are free to fill this in as you wish. 
Don’t feel like cycling? We can also offer these beers of Meierijstad on a boat ride! 
Important information: 
According to your wishes, you can choose 20-40 km of cycling. 
You need at least 6 participants. 

Combine the Beer Cycle Route with tandem for the ultimate experience!
Not available for people.
The perfect trip to pick a tandem! Start the cycling route together and enjoy all the different beers and the beautiful Brabants landscape.
Do you want to add a lovely dinner? Check out the possibilities here.
Pieperz - French fries with a snack
€ 7,25
DIS - 2-course surprise dinner
€ 20,00
Menu 'The Haven' at Pilz & Grillz
€ 26,00
Pieperz - Cold War Menu
€ 11,00
DIS - 3-course surprise dinner
€ 25,00
Hertog-Jan 3-course dinner
€ 26,50
Pieperz - CHV Menu
€ 8,00
Wittern Dinner
€ 0,00
Wittern Lunch
€ 0,00
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