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Dutch Championship 2021

Welcome to our page of the Axe Throwing Tournament, where all the relevant information is noted about Axe Throwing tournaments which will be organized by Axe Throwing Veghel.

In January 2020 the very first edition of the DC Axe Throwing in the Netherlands was held. It was a huge success. Axe Throwing was the host of this beautiful tournament in which Paul Kleine from Utrecht took the honor, a gold axe and €1.000,- euros of price money.

Because of Covid-19, we decided to move the tournament of 2021 to the second half of the year, around October. All the information regarding the DC can be found at nkaxethrowing.nl or on this website. 

Click here for the NK Axe Throwing: Website


DC Axe Throwing 2020

More than 100 participants scattered all around the Netherlands had registered to join the DC. The prize money was €2.500,- euros. 10 Axe Throwing tracks, 34 axes, and more than 25 hours of matches, and eventually one winner: Paul Kleine.
Paul Kleine can call himself the first Dutch Champion Axe Throwing, and received 1.000 euros of cash. Who dares to battle him next year?

Axeperts - the supervisors on the axe throwing tracks
At the end of 2021 Axe Throwing Veghel will organize the next Dutch Championship

Pre-round Dutch Championship Axe Throwing

Because of Covid-19 the DC Axe Throwing for 2021 is moved from January to October. Because there is still a lot of uncertainty regarding the pre-rounds you cannot sign up yet. Keep a close eye on this page for more information and possibilities to sign up.